McCormick writing novel inspired by Christmas

William Burton McCormick, following success with his novel “Lenin’s Harem” published in English and Latvian, has moved out of Latvia and announced a new novel. He is writing “KGB Banker” inspired by the true exile experience of John Christmas. Christmas is the whistleblower against the “Latvian Proxy Network,” a group of KGB-linked bankers involved in the disappearance of assets from banks in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Moldova. Christmas has faced an unlikely adversary which is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As more and more banks in the region have been cleaned out by Kremlin-linked gangsters, corrupt local officials have received assistance from the EBRD to falsely blame the bank failures on the United States and Sweden. McCormick will do the writing, however Christmas will be recognized as co-author because he is assisting with history, themes, and structuring.

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