SleuthSayers awards McCormick

William Burton McCormick, who is collaborating with John Christmas on a new thriller novel “KGB Banker,” has been recognized by SleuthSayers.

SleuthSayers is a website for “professional crime-writers and crime-fighters.” Bill’s short story “Voices in the Cistern” was included in SleuthSayers top-ten list of short stories for 2016. Congratulations to Bill!

SleuthSayers Top 10 List

Libertarian Futurist Society 2016

I was, again, a judge for the Libertarian Futurist Society’s Prometheus Award. I will also be a judge for the 2017 award. Hopefully, my complicated schedule will allow me to resign after that and finish writing “Democracy Society 2.” Meanwhile, it’s an honor to serve as a judge and evaluate some of the best new libertarian novels.

McCormick writing novel inspired by Christmas

William Burton McCormick, following success with his novel “Lenin’s Harem” published in English and Latvian, has moved out of Latvia and announced a new novel. He is writing “KGB Banker” inspired by the true exile experience of John Christmas. Christmas is the whistleblower against the “Latvian Proxy Network,” a group of KGB-linked bankers involved in the disappearance of assets from banks in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Moldova. Christmas has faced an unlikely adversary which is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As more and more banks in the region have been cleaned out by Kremlin-linked gangsters, corrupt local officials have received assistance from the EBRD to falsely blame the bank failures on the United States and Sweden. McCormick will do the writing, however Christmas will be recognized as co-author because he is assisting with history, themes, and structuring.

Libertarian Futurist Society 2015

I was a judge this past winter for screening novels for inclusion as finalists for the Libertarian Futurist Society’s Prometheus Award. I highly recommend membership in the Libertarian Futurist Society for all fans of novels with libertarian themes.

I plan to be a judge again next winter, before getting back to work on “Democracy Society 2.”

Writing is my first passion, however in 2015 I continue to be delayed by various battles of self-defense that hopefully will be resolved soon, not least my still-escalating battle against the failed democratic government of Latvia which is still insanely fighting to make the bank pyramid fraud which I have been trying to stop since 2004 grow larger and larger.

Mark Tier and Amazon “Listmania!”

Democracy Society has been included in the “Listmania!” list of novels by authors inspired by Ayn Rand:

In certain ways, the novel is consistent with Objectivist ideas. For example, the “good” characters follow reason and the “bad” characters follow mysticism.

In other ways, the novel is opposite. The “good” characters have enlightened self interest inclusive of profit motivation. The ones who have businesses believe in making profits by satisfying customer demand, unlike the hero of Rand’s Fountainhead who refused to do what customers wanted:)

And, the most important difference? Rand believed it was possible to convince all humans to use their brains and abandon mysticism/socialism. In the world of Democracy Society, it is clear that most people cannot be educated and therefore should be banned from voting.

Democracy Society looks forward to Alexander Butziger’s fourth novel!

Alexander Butziger has long distinguished himself as a purveyor of “reason” over “mysticism” as a way of interpreting events, as demonstrated by his blogs “Reason and Liberty Central” and “Bermuda Triangle Central.”

He has already written three full-length novels and a short story where his hero, Kevin Traynor, uses reason to fight the forces of mysticism. The novels are “Torch in the Night,” “Phantom Train,” and “Mysterious Boat.” The short story, included with “Mysterious Boat,” is “The Secret of the Lost Tribe.”

We have heard that Alexander is working on the next Kevin Traynor novel, “Mystic Triangle,” which will be the Magnum Opus of the series. We are excited to read it as soon as it is published!